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Why NightLight? As developers of Nightingale, we think we produce an excellent tool for the musician, whether you are sending commissioned works to the Chicago Symphony or are a beginner. We needed a demo which gives an accurate idea of what the program can do: you can create a variety of score files with NightLight, and save them, and the program will NOT expire! (The few features that we removed from the full featured Nightingale version 4.5 are in the list on the right.)

For some of you, NightLight will fulfill all of your music notation needs, so use it with our compliments until you need the full featured program, which is available from AMNS at a reasonable cost.



New in NightLight 2002!
NightLight now matches the feature set and file format found in Nightingale, v.4.5.2. This means files can be transferred back and forth between the two programs, making it even more useful for class situations.


For more information about Nightingale or AMNS, to join our mailing list, or to order using a check or money order, please email us. To pay for Nightingale with your credit card, click here or on the button below.

Download either the new Nightingale X, Nightingale v.4.5
or our freeware NightLight 2002 now!

What is in Nightingale?


Either Nightingale or NightLight is easy to learn and use. Its printed output is of a professional quality, particularly when using the recommended font (Briard, Adobe's Sonata or the BlueNotz handscript font are currently supported) and a PostScript capable printer. Almost any object in a score can be easily dragged with the mouse. Its slurs are elegant. Pinpoint control of most objects is available through a powerful 'Get Info' interface. A unique "threader" tool, plus shift- and option-clicking, allows exceptionally flexible selection, and the QuickChange feature allows for instant changes of single parameters affecting a multitude of objects. Notes are entered though keyboard/mouse or MIDI. Nightingale /NightLight is also probably the only notation program giving professional looking output which can run effectively on older Macs. Of course, it runs on the latest machines (and OS's through 9.2/OS X classic mode) as well.

What is missing from NightLight?

Here is what NightLight cannot do that Nightingale v.4.5 could: NightLight is limited to 4 pages per score file and 9 staves per system whereas Nightingale will do many pages, with up to 64 staves per system; we have disabled the ability to hide/unhide staves in Work on Format, and to open Notescan and Finale ETF files in NightLight; the page number in NightLight, if used, starts at #1 always, whereas in Nightingale, it can start at any number; and finally, NightLight is not PPC native.
That's all! Otherwise you have all the features of Nightingale version 4.5 that we sell! You can save your files, and there is no built in expiration date!

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