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Please note that Nightingale is not currently Leopard compatible.

Nightingale X v.5.2.5 was available for download as of 29 November, 2006. This is a maintenance release which fixes the PostScript problem generated in v.5.2.4.

Please see our Support page for current information and solutions.

Make sure to check out documentation new to v.5.2, either here on the website, or in the download.

**** (four stars)
"Nightingale is lightning fast...easy to use, feature laden, and moderately priced, it can go round for round with any music-notation product on the market." --Macworld

"...I would lay stress on the excellent user-interface and the ease of learning of Nightingale.."
--Tim Crawford,
  Kings College,
  University of London



Check out the Downloads (updated in November, 2006 for Nightingale X and in December 2002 for the classic version 4.5.2) now offered. Nightingale X has all the features of Version 4.5, but runs natively in OS X. This means improvements to Midi functionality and a smoother experience in general. Version 4.5.2 fixed a few minor bugs, but more importantly, our freeware NightLight's file format became (as of 2003) compatible with that of the full classic application. In addition, an OS X classic compatible version 4.5 is on the site. Our Documentation page has current information on Nightingale as well. There are also a few suggestions on the support page.


New! Nightingale X version 5.2 is here! Download it today for a 30 day trial or order a CD. It has all the features of Nightingale (classic) v.4.5.2, and several more. These include: Global setting of Midi devices for all parts, OS X's CoreMidi, the Briard Font, indentable margins, easy to use double and halve durations options, the ability to set the number of lines in a staff from 0 to 6, new text handling, chord symbol and modifier options, and much, much more. For those of you who haven't moved on to OS X, version 4.5.2 remains available and supported.

The Japanese version of Nightingale® is available from API, Inc.

of AMNS. Bird flies higher. I hope the newly available Nightingale X v.5.2 will be a cause for celebration for those interested in the future of Nightingale. Apple's CoreMIDI setup improves Nightingale's traditionally flexible playback and recording interface, and v.5.2 adds several new MIDI features.
So please  Download  Nightingale X for a free 30 day trial.

Electronic Musician Magazine rates
Nightingale® 4.0 5.0 out of 5.0 for value!
New Version 5.2 now available!


The September, 2001 issue of Electronic Musician Magazine has some very nice things to say about Nightingale® Desktop Music Publishing Software for the Macintosh. For example, Nightingale is "chock-full of features but isn't gimmicky. Gracious and useful, Nightingale is deep yet easy to learn." Reviewer Thomas Wells added that "The program's micro- and macro-editing capabilities are among the best that I have seen in any notation software. The supply of templates is ample, and the documentation is superb. PostScript print quality is excellent. The user interface is simple, elegant, and highly configurable, and the program runs efficiently on Power Macs and 680X0 Macs." (We're enjoying this so much that we'll keep going.) "The QuickChange command is one of the most useful, flexible, and innovative tools I've encountered in a music notation program. It's indicative of Nightingale's creative design and understanding of notation ergonomics." OK, but now fast is Nightingale? "On the G3, speed of part extraction was so fast, I doubted the program had done its job until I checked the part files." Wells concluded that Nightingale "is one of the biggest bargains in music-notation software." Nightingale is, like any program, not perfect for everyone, so we strongly suggest reading this informative review to see if Nightingale is the notation software for you. Click here for more information or to see the new features in Nightingale X version 5.2.

Also available is a freeware version of Nightingale called NightLight, which is perfect for the classroom. Download NightLight today and see how easy it is to learn and use. In addition, NoteScan 1.04 is now once again available.

If you are a new user or an old customer, we urge you to try Nightingale. View and print a PDF file of a Debussy piece made from Nightingale. (Note that PDF files are best viewed at a high magnification, and though very good, printouts made directly to a PostScript printer from Nightingale are a bit better.)

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