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The Installer's Welcome and ReadMe Files

Welcome to the Mac OS X Installation program. You will be guided through the steps necessary to install Nightingale X on this computer.

Note that at the 'Installation Type' step, easy install is recommended: just press the 'upgrade' or 'Install' button. A custom install makes it possible to install or re-install single components of the installation, which may be desirable for upgrade installations.

It is not recommended that you put anything in other than their default folders, so select the main Hard Drive, ignore the option to choose other folders, and press 'continue' when given the choice.

Nightingale X ReadMe

With an Easy Install (or Upgrade), continue through the following steps and the installer will place your files as follows:

1) Select your main Hard Drive and the Nightingale X application will go in a Nightingale folder which the Installer creates inside the Hard Drive's Applications folder. Although Nightingale is relocatable elsewhere on your computer, we have noticed occasional permission problems when the application has been removed from the main Applications folder, so this is not recommended.

2) If you are already running Nightingale X, v.5.1, you can do a custom install and uncheck the 'fonts' box. You may also already have the Nightingale Utilities and current PACE extensions installed (those herein are from January, 2006), so that box may possibly be unchecked as well.

3) The fonts will go in your hard drive's top level Library/Fonts folder. These are: NightFonts 2000 (our version of the Sonata screen fonts), Briard.suit, Briar, BlueNotz-NG.bmap, BlueNot.NG and NFonts.rsrc. Note that Briard is our default music font. We are not licensed to provide the printer font for Sonata, named 'Sonat', which must be purchased from Adobe. (We do provide both the screen and printer fonts for Briard and BlueNotz, as listed above.)

To avoid conflicts, make sure only these versions of the above fonts are in the Library/Fonts folder. If you use Sonata for another application, and already have it installed in the Library/Fonts folder, you should remove it (that is, the screen fonts, not the printer font 'Sonat') manually. This is because having Sonata and Nightfonts2000 in the same folder together can be a problem, as they are both screen fonts with the same function. Note that there are five places for fonts to go in OS X: the main Hard Drive's Library/Fonts folder is what we suggest, and what our installer targets.

If a score previously created in an earlier version of Nightingale with Sonata does not display properly, or if you do not have Sonata installed, you may simply change the music font to Briard using the menu command 'File/Preferences' and choosing 'File preferences' from the popup menu. Printed and on-screen output with Briard will be almost indistinguishable from that of Sonata.

In Panther and Tiger, double clicking on a font (so that the FontBook Application is launched) will usually bring it to life if it seems unusable after an installation.

4) Supporting files and utilities will also go in the Applications folder in the Nightingale sub-folder. To access the demo and template score files, you may need to unstuff NightScoreFiles.sit with Stuffit Expander, which is available for free from

5) Documentation is being constantly updated. The help file included with the program (and found under the Nightingale X heading in the menu bar) is up to date. However, much detail can be gleaned from the PDF tutorial and the old Nightingale User's Guide (a classic application), which was written for version 3.5.

If you have downloaded Nightingale X from our website, be sure to also download the Documentation file, which includes the above files. It will be updated periodically. A new User's Guide for Nightingale X will be available eventually.

6) Note that various support utilities, such as NightCustomizer, NightStaffSizer, NGtoAI, NoteScan and the aforementioned Nightingale User's Guide are still classic applications. We hope to convert them in the near future and apologize for any inconvenience.

7) We are currently using PACE anti-Piracy software. In order to run Nightingale X, you must first run the InterLok Extensions Installer (macextsx.dmg) provided in the Nightingale folder. Read the 'v.5.2 REALLY Read This!!' file for more information.

8) Before running v.5.2, you should go to your home/library/preferences folder and remove the old Nightingale X prefs so that a new prefs file is created when v.5.2 is first launched.

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