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Troubleshooting Your Nightingale Installation
(updated May 29, 2006)

The Nightingale X installer uses a disk image (.dmg) file starting with v.5.2.2. If double clicking on the downloaded file does not summon the installer to your desktop, try using the Mount command from within the Disk Utility application, which is in the Applications/Utilities folder. (In Jaguar, use Disk Copy.)


Our other downloads are compressed with Stuffit. Stuffit expander is a free program available to unstuff the file. If you don't have it, go to

Sometimes, the file you've downloaded won't automatically unstuff when you double click on it. However, you can open the file from within Stuffit by using the 'open' command to navigate to where your downloaded file is, and then using the 'unstuff' command. (Do this if the file is named 'form.cgi' or similar.)

In OS X, particularly in Tiger, a reinstall of Stuffit may be necessary each time the OS is upgraded.


It is necessary to install the PACE Anti-Piracy system extensions before running Nightingale. First, install Nightingale X. Within the folder 'Pace InterLok Extensions Install OSX' is an installer for the PACE extensions. You must run this installer before trying to launch Nightingale X.

PACE occasionally updates their extensions, particularly after Apple updates the OS. The latest can be found at look on the home page for the 'download drivers' link for 'end users'.


If have a previous Nightingale X installation and the installer will not proceed because of an error message related to a 'newer version' already existing, go to HD/Library/Receipts and remove the 'Night' receipts that are already there for the Nightingale Application. Then run the installer again.


There have been sporadic reports of a font problem wherein duration, modifier and dynamic popups are missing. To correct this, the simplest solution is to drag the nfonts.rsrc file out of the Library/fonts folder, perhaps to the desktop, and then drag it back into the Library/fonts folder.
If that doesn't work, it may be necessary to either reinstall fonts from our installer, or, if you have a CD, to drag the nfonts.rsrc file to the Library/fonts folder so as to replace the existing nfonts.rsrc file.

It has been observed in Tiger that the Briard and Sonata fonts will sometimes not activate right away. If this is the case, try double clicking on the appropriate font file, which should be in the hard drive's Library/Fonts folder. This should bring up the Font Book application, and the font will then be active.

Note that we do not provide the PostScript Printer font for Sonata (called 'Sonat'). If you don't already own it, it is available from Adobe for about $26. See the 'Really Read This!!' file for more information. You can substitute the Briard font for Sonata by going to the file/preferences/file preferences option and selecting Briard as the Music Font.

If you try to print (or convert a PostScript file) without 'Sonat' or any other PostScript printer font which you have used in your score, even just as part of a text dialog, you may get an error message. Make sure you have installed all the fonts you've used in your score; sometimes these get left behind when switching computers. To see what fonts are in your Nightingale score file, you can save the file as a PostScript document and open it in TextEdit or other text editor. Scroll to the bottom of the file and you should see a list of fonts there.

If a PostScript or EPS file created in Nightingale will not open in Apple's Preview Application (in OS 10.4.6), try downloading Apple's May 11, 2006 security update.


Note that general OS X problems can often be fixed by going to Applications/Utilities and using Disk Utility to 'Repair Disk Permissions' on your hard drive.

If you can't find a file that you think should be there, don't forget to try command-F (FIND!!) from the finder!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us.

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This page last updated 29 May, 2006.

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